• Diversified Transportation Management Consultants

    Ahern & Associates are transportation analysts and consultants. 100% of Ahern’s practice involves transportation, logistics, and warehousing. Ahern’s areas of expertise includes transportation growth through Acquisitions, Successor Planning, Restructuring of Motor Carriers, Business & Growth Plans, Developing Exit Strategies, Sales & Marketing programs, and Transportation Software Programs.

    Ahern works with various clients, focusing on their business plans to create shareholder value, which may include identifying opportunities for growth. Ahern does not act as a business broker or an investment banker. However, Ahern has very close relationships with their clients, and if/when a client decides to pursue acquisitions as part of their overall strategic plan, they utilize Ahern to identify opportunities. As such, Ahern’s primary responsibility is to work with their clients to identify opportunities that will enhance value. All of Ahern’s clients do their own due diligence, contract negotiations, and pricing.

    Since 1987, Ahern & Associates has assisted hundreds of clients in the painstaking process of identifying opportunities to increase shareholder value throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, Ahern has assisted numerous transportation and logistics companies in reducing their overall operating costs, increasing their profitability, and developing exit strategies. Ahern is very well-versed in successor plans, transportation software, DOT compliance, sales and marketing programs, new capital formations, and operational reviews.

    Ahern & Associates is the industry’s most progressive and professional transportation and trucking consulting firm in North America, specializing in:

    • Creating opportunities for clients to acquire and expand;
    • Locating companies interested in developing exit strategies;
    • Developing plans to increase shareholder value for trucking and logistics companies;
    • Operational assessments;
    • Transportation and logistics turnarounds;
    • Sales and marketing programs;
    • Transportation successor planning;
    • Trucking company employee evaluations; and
    • Transportation software.

    Ahern & Associates can assist trucking and logistics companies with:

    • Increasing their operating efficiency;
    • Reducing their operating costs;
    • Improving their bottom-line profitability; and
    • Developing exit strategies to increase shareholder value.

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