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    Increase Cash Flow, Reduce Operating Cost, Improve Profitability. What's Your Plan ?

    Ahern & Associates has a track record of successfully assisting trucking and logistics companies with their operational challenges. When a company is not cash flowing their debt service, they can’t pay their bills on a timely basis. When the lack of cash is impeding their survival, they call on Ahern to assist them in restructuring their operations. All of Aherns auditors are ex-presidents and CEO’s of major trucking and logistics companies.

    • They retired early;
    • They received their “Golden Parachutes”;
    • They don’t have to work, but they want to.

    This type of talent is invaluable when companies are facing bankruptcy or liquidation. Due to Ahern’s vast transportation experience, we have determined that:

    • For many trucking companies, the single largest challenge is sustaining growth;
    • Most owners of transportation companies have no definite long-term plans in effect;
    • Most have no short to mid-range plans in effect; and,
    • Many have neither goals nor objectives or they fail to effectively communicate them to their employees.

    Companies that are troubled, in many instances:

    • Don’t capture their cost properly;
    • Cant determine if they make money or not on each dispatch;
    • Their trucks are not treated as profit centers;
    • Their drivers are not treated as profit centers; and,
    • Their truck utilization is not tracked effectively or consistently.

    Ahern’s job is to:

    1. Assess the problems;

    2. Provide suggestions to immediately stop the hemorrhaging; and,

    3. Demonstrate to our clients how to restore themselves to profitability

    One of the things that Ahern has noticed is that many owners of trucking companies who are not profitable:

    • Do not hold their people accountable for their actions;
    • Do not set specific goals and objectives to achieve and time frames to achieve those goals and objectives; and,
    • In many instances, they have “sacred cows” such as employees that are there “just because” even though those individuals are not tied to productivity.

    All employees should be treated as profit centers. All employees should have some type of bonus system to achieve based upon results. All managers should have specific time frames to accomplish specific tasks.

    In order to achieve and compete in the marketplace today, trucking companies need to implement a growth strategy. Unfortunately, when some trucking companies do that, they end up getting themselves in trouble. In Ahern’s processes;

    • Ahern identifies the challenges;
    • Ahern assesses the immediate problems; and,
    • Ahern develops a path to restore the company to profitability.

    Ahern & Associates has an exclusive program designed around visiting a client, on-site, for three days.

    • Ahern charges a flat fee; and,
    • All travel expenses incurred by our auditors are reimbursed prior to leaving the terminal facility.

    During Aherns initial visit, we review Dispatch Procedures, Marketing, Sales, Traffic lanes, Computer Systems in use, Maintenance, etc.

    Additionally, Ahern reviews operational and statistical data, including:

    • Loads per week;
    • Revenue per load;
    • Revenue per mile;
    • loaded;
    • Revenue per mile;
    • all miles;
    • Empty mile ratio;
    • Customer profitability;
    • Recruitment and training;
    • Driver pay scale;
    • Key personnel;
    • Internal purchasing;
    • Growth strategies;
    • Maintenance programs; and,
    • Sales and marketing programs.

    When Ahern’s consultants are on site, we utilize our analytical software to track each dispatch for each customer to determine whether each dispatch has been profitable or not

    If the customer likes the results;

    • We can develop the software as a “pricing tool” within 30 to 45 days; and,
    • We can install it on the customer’s computers at a very nominal cost.

    Ahern’s software will analyze revenue per mile, revenue per load, per customer, operating ratio per load, per customer, per dispatch, fuel surcharge revenue per load and per customer. In fact, the software also provides a ” What If” scenario to test future variables that can affect the business. When completing an operational assessment, we examine every facet of a client’s business, from Operations, Productivity, Marketing, Sales, to Customer Service. We analyze:

    • Financial data;
    • Gather and review reporting procedures;
    • We review accounting systems;
    • Computer programs; and,
    • We provide a special assessment of the competency of the staff that supports the business.

    Ahern’s review is designed to seek out and identify all possible savings of time and money, as well as opportunities for revenue and capital enhancement. In our processes, we teach our clients that people are either assets or liabilities. If they are liabilities, we find a way to turn them into assets. Accountability is a major portion of our training. People make companies grow or people make companies fail. You have two types of problems in a business: system problems and people problems.

    • System problems can be defined and easily corrected; but,
    • People problems are another matter.

    In essence, Ahern focuses on the entire operation and the people, and we work to bring immediate results in the shortest amount of time so the company can continue to survive and grow.

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