• Diversified Transportation Management Consultants
  • Operational Review Case Study #1

    Denver, CO. Client was company that was a combination of:

    • Intermodal
    • Van
    • Brokerage

    The client ran into substantial financial problems:

    • Their insurance carrier was canceling their insurance;
    • Their bank was pulling their line of credit;
    • They could not cash flow their debt service;

    Ahern was able to streamline the operation and demonstrate a savings of approximately $1.4 million.

    Subsequently thereafter, the customer indicated that:

    • They wanted Ahern to assist them in a transition process;
    • They wanted to eventually sell the company;
    • They wanted to get out of the trucking business.

    Ahern systemically helped the client implement changes that were necessary to cash flow the company:

    • Ahern secured the client a new line of credit;
    • Ahern worked with their creditors;
    • Ahern then unbundled the company and sold various portions to three (3) different Ahern clients.

    The company historically:

    • Had not cash flowed;
    • Should have gone out of business;
    • Ahern was able to help the client survive and eventually unbundled the company and bring cash to the owner.

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