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  • Operational Review Case Study #2

    Minneapolis, MN. Ahern was brought in to review and implement operational changes for this Midwestern carrier.  At that time, the client’s revenues approximated $35.0 to $40.0 million:

    • The client had many family members;
    • The client was having a difficult time cash flowing;
    • The client was not very profitable;
    • The client had numerous shipper problems.

    Ahern was able to:

    • Implement approximately $1.0 million in operational savings;
    • Ahern was able to assist in renegotiating terms with existing lenders;
    • Ahern was able to restructure specific job responsibilities;
    • Ahern was able to review and implement numerous lane changes, which brought more profitability to the company;
    • Ahern implemented a new sales and incentive program to increase company sales/profitability.

    The client eventually sold to a large public corporation:

    • The client was a $50.0 million carrier;
    • Their operating ratio was 95%;
    • They received approximately $5.0 million for the sale of their company.

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