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  • Why Ahern

    Ahern has accumulated a significant track record in both:

    • Transportation Mergers and Acquisitions and;
    • Financial turnaround of numerous trucking companies.

    We have accumulated a significant track record of handling complex assignments for entrepreneurial owner/managers in the companies they have created.

    The staff of Ahern & Associates has extensive experience in the management of transportation companies. Their staff consist of ex-presidents, Chief Financial Officers, and Operational Experts who came from major trucking companies.

    • These executives retired early.
    • They received their “golden parachutes” and;
    • They choose not to go back into corporate America.

    These are seasoned executives, not company rejects! These are people with:

    • Strong operating strengths,
    • Past achievers;
    • Talent, which under normal circumstances, most trucking companies could not find or afford.

    This is talent that is results oriented and proven performers!

    In reference to mergers and acquisitions, Ahern & Associates, Ltd. is:

    • Not a business broker and;
    • Not an investment banker.

    Ahern is able to penetrate markets that most competitors cannot because of:

    • Their expertise;
    • Their reputation and;
    • Their ability to bring a Buyer and Seller together in a short amount of time.

    In reference to acquisitions, Ahern does a thorough analysis of:

    • Financial statements;
    • Operation and Statistical data and;
    • Provide and evaluation of the net worth and purchase price of the selling company.

    This saves the Buyer and the Seller a tremendous amount of time. It also allows both parties to understand what a fair price would be for the transaction. In all instances, the Buyer does all contract negotiations and due diligence.

    The Seller has no out of pocket expenses for Ahern’s evaluation. In essence, it’s a “win-win situation” for all parties.

    In reference to operational reviews, Ahern provides guaranteed performance on all of their projects.

    • All projects are on a “flat” charge basis.
    • With guaranteed results and;
    • Most operational reviews are completed within a 45-day period.

    All projects are on a “flat” charge basis.
    With guaranteed results and;
    Most operational reviews are completed within a 45-day period.

    When reviewing a company, we do a complete financial and operational audit and analysis of the firm.
    This includes:

    Operational Audit – We provide an “on-site” audit to assist in reviewing an operation from the
    standpoint of an observer. We review an organization for savings in:

    • Dispatch Procedures
    • Marketing/Sales/Traffic/Lanes
    • Computer Systems in use
    • Maintenance
    • Loads per week
    • Revenue per load
    • Revenue per mile – loaded
    • Revenue per mile – all miles
    • Empty mile ratio
    • Customer Base
    • Recruitment and Training
    • Driver Pay Scale
    • All personnel salaries
    • Internal Purchasing
    • OSD Department Claims

    Financial Audit – We do an analysis of balance sheets and income statements to include the review of:

    • Current ratios
    • Net worth to debt ratios
    • Sales/Receivables
    • Net profit to sales ratios
    • Operating ratios
    • Capitol employed ratios
    • Fixed property ratios

    Personnel – We provide an in depth analysis of existing management detailing/critiquing:

    • Assessment of capabilities
    • Areas of Expertise
    • Ability to grow within your firm

    In conjunction with the above we have relationships with firms that might substantially reduce your pre-payments in reference to Workers Compensation/Health insurance. This service also provides you with administration and assist you in your safety program. This not only allows you to attract a better class of driver, but also increases your retention of business while reducing your operational cost.

    Insurance – Although we are not an insurance agency or brokerage, we have associates that are contracted with this firm that have specific expertise in the transportation business. In numerous instances, they can suggest creative alternatives to:

    • Increase cash flow
    • Reduce operational cost

    Secured Lien Holders – We review/analyze all credit terms/payments and offer alternatives (if available), to reduce monthly payments. This increases a companies ability to cash flow money into your business and shore-up your long term ability to perpetuate the company.

    Unsecured Debt – We again review/analyze your trade payable/vendors to ensure that:

    • Initial cost
    • Terms
    • Service

    Exceed Industry Standards.

    Cash Flow Enhancements – My firm has the ability to often times secure receivable financing for a client. This financing is frequently at substantially lower percentage rates than an individual could secure on his own.

    In essence, we review every aspect of a company!

    We are the only nationally recognized firm that offers a full rage of services to include:

      • Mergers/Acquisitions;


      1. How to buy a company, and;
      2. How to sell a company.


    • Operational Reviews;
    • Successor Planning;
    • Business Planning;
    • Cash Flow” Management;
    • Sales and Marketing Programs;
    • Transportation Software;
    • Employee Reviews;
    • Lane Profitability;
    • Employee Leasing;
    • Renegotiating Credit Terms/Payments.

    You hire Ahern because of the talent they have assembled to deal with all of your challenges! Call us at (602) 242-1030 to learn more.

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